All tennis goods shipping is conducted via Australia Post

All apparel shipping is conducted from the United States.

We can ship to virtually any address in the world.


But why isn't your shipping free?


Well, a lot of online stores mark up their prices.  Essentially you're already paying for their shipping costs as soon as you place that item in your cart - there is no such thing as free shipping...

At SJ Tennis Goods, we don't do this.  We intend on keeping our in-store prices representative of actual cost. We will never mask or hide our shipping costs.  Transparency, for us, is key.


What shipping do you offer?


When you place an order with us, we don't want to charge you anymore than what is necessary.

SJ Tennis Goods uses real-time shipping quotes through Australia Post based on weight and shipping location.

This means you won't be charged a cent more than what you need to be.  Could it get any better? Oh wait - if you use the shipping coupons above, you will save on actual shipping and we will fork out the extra dough to cover you.

But to answer your question, we offer:

Australia (Domestic):

  • Regular 500g and 3kg satchels
    • 5-6 day buisness days estimate
      • Prices from 8.50 AUD
  • Express Post 500g and 3kg satchels
    • Next day delivery
      • Prices from 10.85 AUD


  • International Parcel - Economy Air
    • 10+ business days estimate
      • Prices from 11.86 AUD
  • International Parcel - Standard
    • 6+ business days estimate
      • Prices from 19.73 AUD
  • International Parcel - Express
    • 2-4 business days estimate
      • Prices from 28.74 AUD


Apparel shipping is a 9.99 AUD fixed rate and will take 5-10 days within the United States, and 10-20 days outside.