MSV PolyNyKing No. 1 200m Reel

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Ideal for players seeking a comfortable yet predicting string. For those who like the characteristics of modern Co.-Polyester strings but seeking to add superb touch on almost any stroke, we highly recommend to use MSV PolyNyKing for crosses. This string is a very durable hybrid string featuring high-end Nylon 66 combined with Polyester for inner and outer wraps.


It provides great playability and superior tension stability without compromising control.

Best elasticity score tested by Stringway (premium stringing machines) compared to other strings:


 String   Gauge mm    Elasticity Index 
 MSV PolyNyKing



 Prince Tournament



 Wilson SGX



 Wilson Sensation



 Tecnifibre Poly Code  




The elasticity index is based on the elastic elongation (positive) and the remaining elongation (negative = loss of tension).

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