MSV Focus - HEX 200m Reel

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  • Ideal for Club- or Tournament-Players with a powerful groundstroke
  • Hexagonal shape and strong snap-back effect for great spin potential
  • High-Tech additives for excellent control, durability and tension stability
  • Our best-seller. 1,000,000 strings sold.
  • Results of Tennis Warehouse University testing 1.18mm strings (status October 2016; 9 strings tested):
    • #1 tension maintenance
    • #1 spin potential
    • #2 energy return
    • Durability score: 93%
    • Control - Score: 85%
    • Touch - Score: 85%


    • MSV FOCUS-HEX® 1,23mm was awarded String of the Year multiple times by the leading tennis string community ( This string was winner of the following poly categories: durability, spin and tension maintenance. It is the third most rated string ever amongst 2,129 rated strings (MSV did not perform any kind of promotion activity).
    • 92% satisfaction (source:, 399 ratings; status: June 2017).
    • 30 playtesters of the European Racquet Stringers Association (ERSA) tested the MSV Focus-Hex 1,18 for five weeks. Conclusion: “The strength of Focus Hex comes from its excellent control and no real weaknesses. The price/quality ratio is one of the best on the market. It is no wonder the strings are very popular.” The full report can be downloaded as PDF file (see above).

    • MSV FOCUS-HEX® strings are available in nine different colors.